In 1978, after seeing theatrical rock icons KISS on television, I got my first guitar.  Within a short time I was giving my first public performances and by age 18 , was out of school and achieving local success. In 1991 , I joined the band "Skin to Skin" and for the next three years , SKIN II SKIN would record, tour, do radio and T.V. In 1994 , I formed the band "Adult Section " and by 98 , had moved to Hollywood to begin a solo career that saw me release two CD's, play numerous shows and be heard by some of the most notable musicians in rock history. In 2010 I joined the Cirque du Soliel talent pool and released the "MAGIC TOUCH" guitar instructional DVD.

Throughout 2016 ,17 & 18 I promoted my music through a variety of press and stage performances and in 2019 , joined the Los Angeles Screen Actors Guild ( SAG-AFTRA ) appearing in numerous TV shows and films. I use S.I.T. guitar strings and PickWorld Guitar Picks exclusivley.




Chuck Berry , Little Richard , Ricky Nelson  , Beatles , Rolling Stones , Kinks , Yardbirds , Jimi Hendrix , KISS , Cheap Trick , Alice Cooper , Aerosmith , Rod Stewart , Led Zeppelin , Van Halen , Ramones , New York Dolls , Cars , Hanoi Rocks , BOWIE , Queen , Sweet and B.B. King.   Favorite artist of all time : Paul McCartney




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Guitar tapping

A comprehensive A to Z guide to mastering the two handed Van Halen-esque guitar technique.

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