BIO and FAVES ! (scroll down to see all)

In 1978, after seeing rock icons KISS on television, Mark Flores got his first guitar. Within a short time, Mark started giving his first public performances. By the age of 18, Mark was out of school and already playing professionally in local bands. Mark's local success led him to join the band "Skin to Skin" in 1991. For the next three years, Skin to Skin would record, tour, do radio and T.V.. After leaving Skin to Skin in 1994, Mark formed the band "Adult Section". In 1998 Mark moved to Hollywood and began a solo career. From 2000 to 2006 Mark released two solo CD's, played numerous shows and was heard by some of the most notable musicians in rock history. In 2007 Mark's "Fistful of Soul" publishing became the official vehicle by which Mark could make his compositions available to TV and film etc.. Throughout 2008 Mark played with numerous musicians in the Hollywood area as well as entering the Cirque du Soliel talent pool. In summer 2010 Mark released the double disc DVD "MAGIC TOUCH", which introduced Mark's "Pull Harmonic" ( or " Harmonic Pull-Off " ) technique to the world.Currently , Mark performs throughout the Hollywood/Los Angeles area, promotes his music products with a variety of press and internet promotion and does various recorded work for TV and film.Mark is endorsed by S.I.T. guitar strings and PickWorld Guitar Picks.

2016 / present - Recorded new music , new video and began working as featured background on TV - seen on Will and Grace, Law & Order, The Goldbergs , This Is Us , Feud ( alongside Jessica Lange ) and Netflix GLOW

2015 - Released brand new music , new photo shoots and played with various artist throughout Hollywood.

2014 - Performed live with " Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers " guitarist/vocalist , Walter Lure as well as LA veterans " The Neurotics "

2012/2013 - Returned to live performance and began doing session work for TV & film. Produced You Tube web series and released new music.

2010 : Released guitar instructional DVD "MAGIC TOUCH".

2007/2008 : Private guitar instructor and played with various musicians.Began publishing business ,"Fistul of Soul". Member of Cirque du Soliel talent pool ( Cirque tracks available by request only ).

1999 to 2006: Solo Artist Guitarist, Vocalist, Writer
Performed as headliner in Hollywood and surrounding areas. Wrote all music.
Recorded two solo CD’s (JUST ME and "Rich Kids and Rebels).Secured endorsement deal with Pickworld U.S.A. Started independent company "Mark Flores Music".

1995 to 1997:
Leader of the band, Adult Section. Guitarist, Vocalist, Writer,
Performed live and wrote bands entire catalog.

1991 to 1994:
Lead guitarist of band Skin to Skin. Recorded, toured, performed for television and radio. Hundreds of shows, international exposure. Recorded two CD’s and started endorsement deal with S.I.T. guitar strings.

Guitars: Gibson SG / Peavey Wolfgang / Ibanez, Artcore
Amp. Peavey EVH 5150
Acoustic/Classical guitars by Yamaha


BANDS and/or Artist :
50's rock - Chuck Berry,Little Richard,Buddy Holly and ELVIS.
60's British Invasion - Beatles,Stones,Kinks,Animals,Yardbirds etc.
70's hard rock - KISS,Cheap Trick,Alice Cooper,Aerosmith,AC/DC,Zeppelin.
Van Halen,Thin Lizzy,Jimi Hendrix Experience,Ramones,Rollins Band,Hanoi Rocks,Johnny Thunders and the CARS.
I love all things Ritchie Blackmore.
Early 70's English glam - Bowie,Sweet and T-rex.
Classic Motown and 70's soul.
B.B.King,Howlin' Wolf,Etta James and most "down home" old school blues.
Outlaw,pioneer,"Whiskey"country -(Cash,Nelson,Kristofferson)and I LOVE the alt/rock - country sound of Ryan Adams.
Smooth Jazz only (No wild "free form").
King's X are one of THE greatest bands "Out Now".
I find some English and Euro Heavy Metal to be innovative and cool . . . I also find most American Pop Metal to be ridiculous and/or downright "foolish" (get over it guys,you will NEVER be David Lee Roth).
Andres Segovia is my man on classical guitar and my favorite artist of all time is - PAUL McCARTNEY.

TOP 10 Favorite albums
( Beatles and Zeppelin excluded - everything by them is too fantastic )
Fave Beatles - Help
Fave Zep - Houses of the Holy

1 KISS - Destroyer
2 VAN HALEN - Fair Warning
3 Jimi Hendrix - AXIS : Bold as Love
4 Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers
5 RAMONES - Road to Ruin
6 Johnny Thunders - So Alone
7 Cheap Trick - In Color (and in Black and White)
8 Alice Cooper - Welcome to my Nightmare
9 Rollins Band -Clockwork Orange stage
10 Paul McCartney - Back in the U.S.A.

Honorable mention :
Dave Attell - Skanks for the Memories (this one is a RIOT)