01.23.18NAMM 2018

I'll be at the 2018 NAMM show
Thanks to the folks at Pickworld guitar picks for sponsoring my visit.
Cant wait to get out there and not just see old friends , but get my hands on all those instruments.
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10.15.17VIDEO - Live tribute to TOM PETTY !

See my NEW multi night tribute to Tom Petty.

08.20.17My debut at The Sunset Jam

Viper Room , Hollywood CA - 8/7/2017
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07.08.17" Keep it to Myself " VIDEO

A hot tune put to pictures in this overview of the past few productive years.Just click below and enjoy or go to "video" and see other great clips.Thanls for stopping by . . . and STAY CLASSY !

03.23.17CHUCK BERRY R.I.P.

Words can't express his influence on my life. I was stunned by the news. So much of my life has been ( and is ) music , guitar , how it looks , how it sounds. ALL of these things ARE Rock & Roll. The rhythm , the groove , the feel - Chuck was ALL these things.
My guitar playing is HUGELY influenced by Chuck Berry and his style and lyrical poetry , are just as much a part of me as they are a huge part of Rock & Roll.
His guitar is the bedrock of everything. Every guitarist you see put that first finger across the fret board , pick two strings at a time and make some entertaining move , glance or gunslinging maneuver IS standing in the shadow of Chuck Berry.
Keith Richards , Ace Frehley , Joe Perry & Johnny Thunders spoon fed me Chuck Berry's guitar style in my teens and you are reading this now , because he touched me so deeply.

All my love to Chuck Berry and to anyone out there , who loves Rock & Roll and the rebellious nature of their youth.


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01.18.17NAMM 2017

I'll be attending the 2017 Winter NAMM show again this year.
Pickworld guitar strings are sponsoring me and I'm delighted to still be endorsing their product.
If you see me , stop and say hi

2017 - LET'S GO
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12.29.16GOODBYE 2016


As this year comes to a close , I wish you ALL the best and leave you with the following :
How you treat your fellow man has NOTHING to do with who the President is , or ANY external factors.
How you treat people ( including yourself ) is a choice. Something COMPLETELY in your hands that you cannot blame on someone else.
Learn to communicate with those who disagree with you , so that we can go forward TOGETHER and remember :
When we are fighting each other , not only are we easier to control , but we miss out on how great life can be.

This year could be described as tough. But it's actually the seed of greatness and an opportunity to rise higher.


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Click " LIVE " for info

Facebook event page below

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Paul McCartney's surprise , private show for 300 lucky guests at Pappy & Harries in Pioneertown California.
See my pics , video and FULL REPORT HERE

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10.05.16SUPERFREAK video improv


A new guitar was given to me by a guitar student of mine.
A Schector solo 6 standard.GOLD ! ! ! I love it.

Hers a lil' video of me putting it through it's most funk paces in an off the cuff , impromptu jam , of Rick James' sexy " punk/funk " soul classic SUPER FREAK

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06.11.16AVAILABLE NOW ! ! !

Currently booking new live and/or " in studio " gigs.
Any and all , straight forward and from the heart Rock,Pop,Blues,Punk, etc that needs an extra special touch that I can provide - please feel free to leave your info in the " CONTACT " section and I will get back to you as soon as possible ( usually within two days ).
I'm flexible and can work within most schedules and budgets according to time and travel.
Electric or Acoustic - let's give it a try , don't hesitate to contact me.
What have you got to loose ?
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Muhammad Ali was a HUGE influence on my life.

When I was a teenager , I was not like other kids. I felt other people my age compromised too easily , had no real goals and were , for the most part , just following the crowd.
Along with all this , I had a steady stream of adults telling me what to do and giving me their unexperienced views on music and where my life should go.
Who I was wasn't encouraged nor understood. I was treated like a non person - a second class citizen.
Muhammad Ali showed me , that a deep and strong spiritual commitment , could sustain me through the darkest times. He taught me how to speak up and out for humanity and against injustice.
He proved , that the fire of a man's honesty , the UNDENIABLE TRUTH , of what is really in his heart , will make cowards of your captors and turn foes into fans.
THE TRUTH - set Muhammad free , and will do the same for YOU as well.
There's an old saying -
" Most people who follow a crowd , tend to get lost in it "
I don't want to be part of any crowd , who's actions are dictated by fear.
Muhammad Ali illuminated a path for me , that few men will ever walk. But it's a path that freed me from the lie , that compromising and cowardice , will translate into comfort and security.

Muhammad wasn't great because he punched men.
He was great because he embraced mankind.

Eddie Van Halen , Ace Frehley and Keith Richards showed me how to play guitar.
But Ali was my priest . . .


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01.17.16DAVID BOWIE ! ! !

1947 - 2016

Time magazine called The Beatles the most significant event of the 20th century.
TRUE - but Bowie was the greatest singular artist !

Most of my early heros have turned into jokes.Now in their 50's , doing sad impressions of themselves at 26.Selling out their music , fans and whatever ideals they once had.
But NEVER David.
He was teaching me how to be an honorable artist and stellar gentleman who could move mountains with a feather.
As I forge ahead I have but his inspiration to guide me as the road of real men of dignity , is often lonelier -

! ! !

01.05.16Remembering drummer Jason Mackenroth


It is with a great sense of shock and sadness , that I bid farewell to a dear friend , brilliant musician and solid family man.

Drummer for Rollins Band , Mother Superior and Blue Man Group - Jason Mackenroth , died Sunday of prostate cancer.

I first met Jason after Henry Rollins explained at length at a spoken word show , what a huge KISS fan Jason was. I'd seen Rollins band about five times at this point and figured " why not " - I had a big collection of primo / band copied KISS videos and figured , I'd make him a few copies.
We were instant pals immediately after.
We'd run into each other all over at Los Angeles music events , stores and outside his gigs. One of the sweetest and funniest things about Jason is that after I told him that the KISS videos I had given him were only tip of the iceberg - he immediately gave me his home address and all contact info - LOL
Now at the time , he did not know me very well. But that was Jason - score some cool KISS shit and you had the keys to his kingdom smile emoticon
Tons of gigs with Rollins Band and his hometown boy's Mother Superior followed and I went to as many gigs as possible. I gave out his CD's as gifts and we met each others families.
Years later , when it came time for him to part ways with his then musical associates , he expressed frustration to me , that he wasn't able to tell each fan his side of things personally ( remember folks , this was back in the MySpace days and we didn't all have our phones yet ).
I told him " let it go - the world needs great Dad's more than great drummers ".
He was proud of his family , but explained his decisions regarding his future were musically founded and his family AND his drums , would be together wherever he was going next.

Next was his band " Mack " and a move behind the kit with Blue Man Group in Vegas.

I told Jason once , that seeing the first Mother Superior show without him , was a bit like seeing Ozzy Osbourne's first concert without Randy Rhoads , after having seen them both together for years.
I then told him that to me - he was musically on par with Randy and for me to say that , was no small thing.

My last correspondence with him was three months ago.
I told him that he was my model , for exactly what I wanted the drums to sound like on my latest single.

Donations to the family can be made HERE

01.03.16Lemmy Kilmister 1945 - 2015


What does it take to be a leader and not a follower ?
What makes a thoroughbred , a trailblazer , a legend ?
Well one thing is that they don't start off that way and are often very unpopular for an extended period of time. Others in their age group often appear to receive larger rewards than they do - but that's when their perseverance shows up.
They often sound and look different than others and charge forward despite fads and fashion.
Lemmy was all of these things.
But behind the scenes , Lemmy was a true gentleman with dignity and fortitude. He was no phony or drunken loudmouth. His silence spoke volumes and his kindness mixed weight and iron - with softness and subtlety.
Lemmy charged forward with who he was and made no apologies. Compromise wasn't on the table and his story wouldn't end sitting by the fire like a granny baking cookies.
They say you can tell a lot about someone by who their friends are. But I think Lemmy was just as proud of who didn't like him.

By the mid 80's , rock had a lot of guys chasing fashion. But you'll never be a legend like that.
You gotta be prepared to be called ugly or told that you can't sing or your music is low brow - and on and on and on.
Lemmy was told all these things . . . and now everyone's rushing to kiss his ass.

! ! !



My thanks to every one of you here.
I'm grateful that YOU have stopped by this site and thankful for the encouragement and support I get from people like you , all all year long.
I hope you ALL have a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by the good vibes and energy of friends and loved ones - be they near or far

My warmest regards to those of you who are missing someone , or just had a hard 2015

This year's extremism and violence , are building our frustration to where we're fighting each other. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to be understanding with one another and show patience to those , with views different than your own.


! ! !

08.30.15AVAILABLE ! ! !

So I'm back on the scene and in for the kill.
I'm looking for a brand new band , gig , recording project , touring situation or just about any and all artistic endeavors that will produce excitement for the audience and thrills for those of us on stage !
So drop me a line at mflores@markfloresmusic and lets see what's up eachother's sleeves.
Please be prepared to provide web links where you can be seen and heard.

Thanks for stopping in and tell a friend . . .


The new songs
" Yesterday's Girl " & " Leave Me Alone "
ARE FINALLY HERE . . . as are new photos that will be added throughout the up coming weeks !
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Saturday JUNE 27 th
The new single will be released and available HERE !
" Yesterday's Girl " and " Leave Me Alone " will be up and ready for your listening pleasure. A new online store will have them ready for purchase and a new Twitter and Facebook presence will follow.
Thanks for stopping in on my page and looking forward to you hearing my new stuff.
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05.31.15NEW SITE and SONGS coming late June 2015

Hey gang
Just finished up in the studio and looking forward to sharing my new songs with all of you.
Also , Ive got a new site coming with photos,links and features that I hope you will all enjoy.
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